Asan Fiqh means the Easiest Islamic Laws. Fiqhs is one of the greatest branch of Islamic knowledge. It is the blending outcome from the Quaranic life-solution. The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the life leader of Muslims. His direction was the final translation of the Holy Quran. His wisdom was approved by the Lord Allah as the merit from Allah. After his death the Muslim Ummah was to maintain more and more system. The Muslim community enlarges from corner to corner of the world. The daily life and the problems arises day by day. At this circumstances the Islamic lawyers and the scholars are composed the books of Ilmul-Fiqh (knowlede of the Islamic Solutions). By the patronize of the muslim kaliphs this branch is become huge big. And by the time it is gone to the knowledge of the Ulama, the scholars.

It is time to provide the solution to the people to people. So we are in need of the Easy Fiqh for the general practicing Muslims. Yes, Maolana Yousuf Islahi has composed this book in Urdu. Now it is translated in Bengali. We have presented it towards you. It is a must to know book. Just pick it with a click: