All the presentation of the Holy Quran are appreciated. We have developed sorts of presentation of the book. So that you can get the maximum benefit of the seeking knowledge. You have the whole book with Tafseer. Screenshot_13Whole book only Bengali Translation. The complete Arabic text in Hifz style. In this App you are getting the precise look of the app. The verses in Arabic text and the translation in Bengali. We have taken the flow in line by line, Ayath by Ayath so that you can get a nice look at a glance. Some time the reciter knows the meaning in his memory. in some points wants to know the meaning of particular words and the phrase. Yes, it is very helpful for those people and the situation. There are lot of Islamic scholars are now study online. I hope they can get the app as their hand bag’s picked book. Very simple in design, slim in weight, only 3 MB, but the functions to save the places, looping to the last reading places and so one.

By all means, this app is a must for the Muslims. It is a duty to recite with meaning in heart. We can get both together herein. Take it from the link. Just click on the icon:

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