From the ancient civilization to the modern time we are seeking knowledge. Some time for having fun, sometime for having idea. The Holy Quran. We recite it. Most of the people are not Arabs. Even Arabs are not so skilled to understand the written Arabic. Specially being a Bangladeshi fellow, we are in need of the supportive equipment to read, recite, memorize, understand the Holy Quran.

My grand father was the fan of this book. This is a well popular among thousands of Islamic publications. We are still in a habit to read it in paper format. Some people has the taste on it. Yes, we have presented this book in that flavor. We kept here all the paper-like looks and scenes here. So you can get the right taste of the Quranic meaning and the literary recitation accordingly.

We are happy to say that it is taken from online resources. We are thanking the publishers and the online format maker. We seek all of them the rewards and Jannah in hereafter life.
You can get it in a single click on the icon: