The tradition of reciting of The Holy Quran is classic. Muslims are to directed to this holy verses to read, recite, understand and lead lives accordingly. After being revealed by Allah Subhanuhu Wa Taala it is kept in the heart of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). At his life time Quran was memorized over thousands of his Ashabs. At the time of Khaliph Usman R. it is arranged in a combined shape. At the time of Hajjaj Bin Yousuf the Tashkeels was furnished within it. For the memorization, we were in need of a script that is ideally written and marked as guided. It is happened in the Hifz Nuskhah. In Bangladesh and whole world the Huffaz are following this kitab.

Now You can get this copy in your Android powered devices. simply download and start memorizing. we will add some other values in it in near future. big_1024_500