The Holy Quran is for practice. The knowledge is spread out its every verses. From the ancient era, people were centered on a local community. Their prophets and the books for guideline were in their own languages. Finally Allah Subhanuhu Wa Ta’ala send us the Holy Quran in the language of Arabic. It is the most modern and reach languages over the world from the historical primary age. The Arabs were fluent in their toungue. The have the habit of composing poems. They started competitions among the poets. The Saba Muallaqah was the famous 7 poems.
As being the Holy Quran in Arabic, we feel the need of translation for the non Arabic natives. For this case we have got a chance to publish Bengali translated copy of the holy book. It is a copy is taken from the website We are happy to cite the name and the gratitude to them for this kind of contribution. I think you can be benefited with this app. Whenever you are not ready to go through Arabic texts, you can get it as a fancy. You can get the taste of Bengali linguistic style and the revealed blessings of the Lord of the Universe. Take this from this link : Screenshot_2015-11-21-10-06-08