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তাফহীমুল কুরআন,সম্পূর্ণ , ফ্রি Whole Tafheemul Quran

Whole Tafheemul Quran Tafseer by Sayed Abul Ala Moududee in Arabic and Bengali . 114 Suras along with Arabic Ayat text, translation, explanation, substances. Responsive GREAT view in all sized phone, tab or any device.

All the text are font-based. Pinching zoom-in and zoom-out supported. Ideal for study, kept it out of complex functions, images. Just for ease of reading experience. 99% Non-crashing guarantee.

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Beheshti Jeor

Beheshti Jeor in Bengla; This is a famous book written by Allama Ashraf Ali Thanovi. Translated to Bengali by Maolana Shamsul Haque Faridpuri R. This is the book of practice of Islamic life. Here you can get the solution for the day to day knowledge of islamic activities. How to get preparation for prayer. How to keep yourself clean.

In this app we have included TWO Volumes of the book. All are typed in text mode. So the user can get most of the comfort. Also the app is published in Windows Universal type, so you can get it in your mobile, tab and computer at the same time.

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আসান ফিকহ ২য় খণ্ড

Asan Fiqh means the Easiest Islamic Laws. Fiqhs is one of the greatest branch of Islamic knowledge. It is the blending outcome from the Quaranic life-solution. The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the life leader of Muslims. His direction was the final translation of the Holy Quran. His wisdom was approved by the Lord Allah as the merit from Allah. After his death the Muslim Ummah was to maintain more and more system. The Muslim community enlarges from corner to corner of the world. The daily life and the problems arises day by day. At this circumstances the Islamic lawyers and the scholars are composed the books of Ilmul-Fiqh (knowlede of the Islamic Solutions). By the patronize of the muslim kaliphs this branch is become huge big. And by the time it is gone to the knowledge of the Ulama, the scholars.

It is time to provide the solution to the people to people. So we are in need of the Easy Fiqh for the general practicing Muslims. Yes, Maolana Yousuf Islahi has composed this book in Urdu. Now it is translated in Bengali. We have presented it towards you. It is a must to know book. 

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কুরআন (1-5পারা) উচ্চারণ,অনুবাদ

From the ancient civilization to the modern time we are seeking knowledge. Some time for having fun, sometime for having idea. The Holy Quran. We recite it. Most of the people are not Arabs. Even Arabs are not so skilled to understand the written Arabic. Specially being a Bangladeshi fellow, we are in need of the supportive equipment to read, recite, memorize, understand the Holy Quran.

My grand father was the fan of this book. This is a well popular among thousands of Islamic publications. We are still in a habit to read it in paper format. Some people has the taste on it. Yes, we have presented this book in that flavor. We kept here all the paper-like looks and scenes here. So you can get the right taste of the Quranic meaning and the literary recitation accordingly.

We are happy to say that it is taken from online resources. We are thanking the publishers and the online format maker. We seek all of them the rewards and Jannah in hereafter life.

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New Apps

বুখারী শরীফ, সম্পূর্ণ, ফ্রি Bukhari Bangla Full Book

Bukhari Sharif is the most valuable Islamic Book. It is the Words and activities of The Prophet Muhammad SM.

This is the authentic book. It is known to the Muslims that after the Holy Quran this book is the finest and authentic in its words. There we can find out the day to day lifestyle of a Muslim. Can get the solution of the endless problems.

 We have used the copy of Bengali translation. It is composed and published by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh. So this is very standard in translation and language tradition.

We hope; our readers will get the most benefit from the app. Please write us for any needs or idea. Thank you.


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কুরআন বাংলা আরবি,Quran bengali and arabic

All the presentation of the Holy Quran are appreciated. We have developed sorts of presentation of the book. So that you can get the maximum benefit of the seeking knowledge.

You have the whole book with Tafseer. Whole book only Bengali Translation. The complete Arabic text in Hifz style. In this App you are getting the precise look of the app. The verses in Arabic text and the translation in Bengali. We have taken the flow in line by line, Ayath by Ayath so that you can get a nice look at a glance. Some time the reciter knows the meaning in his memory. in some points wants to know the meaning of particular words and the phrase.

Yes, it is very helpful for those people and the situation. There are lot of Islamic scholars are now study online. I hope they can get the app as their hand bag’s picked book. 

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হাফেজী কুরআন শরীফ

The tradition of reciting of The Holy Quran is classic. Muslims are to directed to this holy verses to read, recite, understand and lead lives accordingly. After being revealed by Allah Subhanuhu Wa Taala it is kept in the heart of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

At his life time Quran was memorized over thousands of his Ashabs. At the time of Khaliph Usman R. it is arranged in a combined shape. At the time of Hajjaj Bin Yousuf the Tashkeels was furnished within it.

For the memorization, we were in need of a script that is ideally written and marked as guided. It is happened in the Hifz Nuskhah. In Bangladesh and whole world the Huffaz are following this kitab.

Now You can get this copy in your Android powered devices. simply download and start memorizing. we will add some other values in it in near future.


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Bangla Quran

The Holy Quran is for practice. The knowledge is spread out its every verses. From the ancient era, people were centered on a local community. Their prophets and the books for guideline were in their own languages. Finally Allah Subhanuhu Wa Ta’ala send us the Holy Quran in the language of Arabic. It is the most modern and reach languages over the world from the historical primary age. The Arabs were fluent in their toungue. The have the habit of composing poems. They started competitions among the poets. The Saba Muallaqah was the famous 7 poems.
As being the Holy Quran in Arabic, we feel the need of translation for the non Arabic natives. For this case we have got a chance to publish Bengali translated copy of the holy book. It is a copy is taken from the website We are happy to cite the name and the gratitude to them for this kind of contribution. I think you can be benefited with this app. Whenever you are not ready to go through Arabic texts, you can get it as a fancy. You can get the taste of Bengali linguistic style and the revealed blessings of the Lord of the Universe. 

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প্রাথমিক তাওহীদ শিক্ষা

Yes, We must need to understand the Tawheed. Our beloved children has the right to learn it from their childhood. But in our busy life that is not quite possible in all cases. Some sorts of knowledge are still in need to check for the pure references and the actual ideology. Some ideas about the creator is not adapted according to the Islamic idea. The so called historical thinking has covered the brain of the Muslims. Basically in the sub-continent, for having a mixture of the religious ethics, absolute Islamic idea about the Unity of Allah was not established. Some people has the ideas, biased with Hinduism, some are with Buddhist. Some are not proper aware about it. Although all are the practicing Muslims.

For such situation we must have a pure source about seeking knowledge about our lord. This book is about that . The writer is an Arabian scholar with enriched with Islamic philosophy. You must get the plenty of ideas that enhance you.


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দরসে কুরাআন সিরিজ, এজিএম-১

দরসে কুরাআন সিরিজ, এজিএম-২

صحيح البخاري مكمل بالعربية

আল-কুরআনের শৈল্পিক সৌন্দর্য

শিশুতোষ , সাহসী মানুষের গল্প

Hadith Study One

রাসূলুল্লাহর (সঃ) বিপ্লবী জীবন

রাসায়েল ও মাসায়েল (৬ষ্ঠ) বাংলা

নবিজীর জীবনী, টেক্সট

১৭ সুরার মশক, কারী-উল-কুরাআন-1

রাহে আমল ১ম ও ২য় খণ্ড একত্রে

সাহাবাদের জীবনী, টেক্সট

কোরাণের গল্প -বন্দে আলী মিয়া

আমার লাইব্রেরী,২০ সাহিত্য,ফ্রি

সঞ্চয়নঃ নির্বাচিত আয়াত ও হাদিস

Life of prophet Muhammad’s followers

রাসুলুল্লাহর (সা.) এর নামায

30th Para (Ampara/আমপারা)

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